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    Paul Ryan is the embodiment of the machine our music rages against.
    — Tom Morelloon Paul Ryan’s claim that Rage Against the Machine is his favorite band (via scout)

    "his guiding vision of shifting revenue more radically to the one percent is antithetical to the message of Rage."

  2. About Facebook

    Recently I’ve has some friends on Facebook saying they are canceling their accounts to live in their real lives. This is a rant about it from me

    Facebook appeals to our need to be connected to other people (although in a non intimate non relational way) and we feel as though our lives mean something when we get likes and comments etc. but it’s devoid of true human action, and inevitably if that’s what you rely on for relationship and validation it will fall short because it’s so disengaged with real life. We can show only the nice angles and positive or interesting sides of our life, so at some point this will feel empty and we will blame the device instead of the actual problem within. Same as how we blame drugs and alcohol for societal problems when really their abuse (as abuse with anything) comes from an intricate pre existing problem of void.

  3. 3-8-14

    I am deeply saddened by the human appetite for destruction and deliberate evil. The lust for power over, is so great that the masses, especially the USA, have bought into the deceit of “AMERICA!” Which is firstly offensive because there is more than one country in America so stop with the ethnocentrism already. The “great beast” is what Alexander Hamilton called the public; this terminology implies that this beast need to be controlled and confined, because it’s wild and capable of upsetting things. So this great beast is placated with pop stars, television shows, war propaganda, diet fads, recreation, sports, and shock value “news”. Although I hate the term, i can only think to myself “we are ‘sheeple’!”

    Usually when I start thinking like this, I immediately want to escape either physically or psychologically, or just absolutely numb that pesky thinking mechanism. I know I have successfully killed some brain cells. I am only non confrontational to a certain point though. I am angry, I am saddened, frustrated to the point of giving up and succumbing to hopelessness. This is also the perfect time to cry “Revolution! Damn the man! Bed peace!” Or whatever self righteous outburst will make your blood start moving. I am not thinking of the historically bloody, violent, overthrow the government sort of revolution (although not to say some success can be gained and has been), but I’m thinking of more a revolution of the soul, of the spirit. A “higher consciousness” I suppose, though I use that term hesitantly because I don’t necessarily condone the eastern mysticism that it implies.

    This is the time where true joy and true hope are put to the test. I recently read this somewhere,”happiness is natural, joy is spiritual.” Many of us westerners do not want to spend time deliberating over spirituality. Possibly it is too painful for some, or laziness, or maybe it is just difficult to dwell on anything outside our five senses. When do people seek spiritual enlightenment, or when do people seem spiritually awakened? In my experience, it is when we feel absolutely helpless. When we are at the end of our rope, we’ve exhausted all our options, the pain of reality is overbearing. Calling “religion, the opiate of the masses” (Karl Marx) is quite accurate because we feel better for a little bit. We can even submerge ourselves fundamentally and get our very own glass houses to throw rocks in.

    I’m curious who coined the term “American dream” (which there it is again, are we including poverty stricken Central American countries like Haiti in this dream, Or…). We are bombarded with home improvement, life improvement, seemingly harmless things to do….. Placating the masses,the great beast is distracted, preoccupied, controlled. “Keep them busy, steal their time so they cannot develop their relationship with Jesus… Overstimulate their minds so they cannot hear that still small voice.”(C.S. Lewis, Screwtape Letters)

    I have said this before, but I am very thankful that in my life searching for truths, I have found relationship with Jesus Christ. I have faith, and I am so grateful I can say that. To those who cannot say this, keep seeking. Do not be satisfied with the easy manipulation of our minds. There is so much more than our five senses. Keep seeking, keep asking, I pray for you to find truth. Above all I pray for you to find joy. Real joy. Keep your chin up, don’t lose heart (and all those other applicable regurgitated idioms).

    That being said, let’s rely on truth. Let’s abide in truth. This is the only hope i have found. Our status in this world has become unnatural. We are killing the ground beneath our feet, killing ourselves, the animals, we are killing each other, this is not how it is meant to be. My hope is that there is a kingdom beyond this earth, that one day we will be free from pain, sin, cruelty, disease,disparity, and hate. It will be best, and it will be beautiful. Be hopeful.


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  5. “Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.”
    Anatole France
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  10. “If a product needs to be advertised, it means you don’t need it. No one ever has to say, go to sleep, breathe, love someone”.”
    Russell Brand